Bob Matthews

Truman State University – Department of Computer Science

CS 250 – Systems Programming – Spring 2021

Tutoring:  Our tutor and grader this semester is Ms. Grace Morris.  Grace will be tutoring on Tue. and Thu. from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Grace will hold office hours via zoom.  The room number is 857 2524 five-eight-five-one. (<- clever trick by me to deter zoom bombers.)

Lab Handouts:

Programming Projects:

Test Cases for Project 1

      1. Must successfully display prompt when run – input file: t1.txt
      2. Must successfully search with input “ABCD” – input file: t2.txt
      3. Must successfully search with input “DDDD”, then must cleanly exit with <ctrl>d – input file: t3.txt
      4. Must correctly search with each of the following inputs: “Serious”, “XX”, “Anna”, then must cleanly exit – input file: t4.txt
  • C Project 2 – Database
    • Reference Materials for Project 2:
      • RPN source code:  getch.c getch.h getop.c getop.h rpn.c stack.c stack.h
      • Makefile for RPN project:  Makefile  (Note that this file is actually called “Makefile.txt”.  If you download it, remove the .txt extension when you save it.  I was forced to add the extension because the software that runs this website doesn’t allow Makefiles to be uploaded.  Why?  Because the software is stupid.)


  • MIPS programming handouts